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Hauler Pro

Bring a new level of productivity to each workday with a powerful 56V AC electric drivetrain.

Bring a new level of productivity to each workday with a powerful 56V AC electric drivetrain and 50-mile range, plus optional IntelliBrake™ technology.

BASE MSRP $14,162

*Vehicle is shown w/ options.

HAULER PRO (Elite Lithium Electric)

  • 56V AC Electric Drivetrain

  • 1200-lb Vehicle Load Capacity

  • 800-lb Bed Load Capacity

  • 1,500-lb Towing Capacity

  • 12-cu-ft Cargo Bed

  • 2-Passenger Seating


It's time to raise your expectations of electric-powered vehicles. With a 56V AC drivetrain that offers the hauling and hillclimbing power you need, the Hauler® PRO has the capacity to outperform its gas-powered competitors. Couple that with optional IntelliBrake™ technology, silent operation and zero-emissions, and the Hauler PRO quietly turns skeptics into believers.

The Hauler PRO comes with remarkable range and its zero-maintenance, ELiTE lithium powertrain is pushing sustainability forward. Its reduced weight and lower operational costs provide unrivaled performance. With a wide range of accessories, silent operations, and zero emissions, this utility vehicle will help you meet the exacting standards of the job.

*Listed MSRP is the base vehicle price excluding Options/Accessories, Destination Shipping Fee, Dealer Setup and Sales Tax.


Hauler Pro Series Commercial Brochure

72V AC Electric Drivetrain, Turf Tires K500 18 x 8.5-8(6 Ply Rated), Black Wheels, 2 Wheel Mechanical Brakes, Brush Guard, Highly-Functional Dash, Charger VDC On Board, Charger Cord - 5M (16ft) North American, DC/DC Converter (30 amp), Batteries T875, Headlights, State of Charge Meter, Roto-Molded Bed Box (Manual Lift): 39" x 44" x 12" - 12 cu ft, Rear Receiver 2 in (5 cm).

Standard Color: Forest Green and Patriot Blue. Additional Standard Colors: Ivory, Bright White, Flame Red, Black, Electric Blue, Orange.
Standard Contoured Seat Color: Gray. Additional Standard Colors: Stone Beige, Black, Oyster. *Premium Body Colors are available as an option. 

POPULAR OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES (Cushman Vehicle Enhancements)
Canopy/Roof, Windshield, Mirrors, LED Headlights, Brake and Tail Lights, Turn Signals w/ 4-Way Flashers, Backlash Tires, Terra Trac Tires 23 x 10.5-12, Diamond 8 Alloy Wheels, 4 Wheel Mechanical or 4 Wheel Hydraulic Brakes, IntelliBrake - included in 4 Wheel Hydraulic Brake option, Limited Slip Differential w/ Differential (Scuff) Guard, Comfort Grip Steering Wheel, Cab Enclosures, Bed Dividers, Battery Upgrades, Glove Box Door, Aluminum Flat Bed (Manual Lift): 45" x 47.25", Unique Key Switch, 12 Volt Outlet. 

Hauler® 1200 and PRO

Hauler® 1200 and PRO

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Every inch of this vehicle was designed to help you get more out of every hour on the job.


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