Hauler Pro-X

Features an unrelenting 72V AC electric drivetrain, rugged tires and a lifted suspension.

With an unrelenting 72V AC electric drivetrain, rugged tires and a lifted suspension for added ground clearance, there's no reason to back down from a challenge.

BASE MSRP $12,219

*Vehicle is shown w/ options.

HAULER PRO-X (Electric)

  • 72V AC Electric Drivetrain

  • 900-lb Vehicle Load Capacity

  • 500-lb Bed Load Capacity

  • 1,200-lb Towing Capacity

  • 12-cu-ft Cargo Bed

  • 2-Passenger Seating

The Hauler® PRO-X boasts electric power designed to stand up to any challenge, with rugged tires and extra ground clearance that's ready to take you places other electric vehicles would never venture. And while this uncompromising performance makes a loud-and-clear statement, the 72V electric drivetrain delivers silent power right when you need it.

*Listed MSRP is the base vehicle price excluding Options/Accessories, Destination Shipping Fee, Dealer Setup and Sales Tax.


Hauler Pro-X Commercial Brochure

72V AC Electric Drivetrain, Turf Tires K500 20 x 8-10(6 Ply Rated), Black Wheels, Lifted Suspension, 2 Wheel Mechanical Brakes, Brush Guard, Highly-Functional Dash, Charger 72 VDC On Board, Charger Cord - 5M (16ft) North American, DC/DC Converter (30 amp), Batteries T875, Headlights, State of Charge Meter, Roto-Molded Bed Box (Manual Lift): 39" x 44" x 12" - 12 cu ft, Rear Receiver 2 in (5 cm).

Standard Color: Forest Green and Patriot Blue. Additional Standard Colors: Ivory, Bright White, Flame Red, Black, Electric Blue, Orange.
Standard Contoured Seat Color: Gray. Additional Standard Colors: Stone Beige, Black, Oyster. *Premium Body Colors are available as an option. 

POPULAR OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES (Cushman Vehicle Enhancements)
Canopy/Roof, Windshield, Mirrors, LED Headlights, Brake and Tail Lights, Turn Signals w/ 4-Way Flashers, Backlash Tires, Terra Trac Tires 23 x 10.5-12, Diamond 8 Alloy Wheels, 4 Wheel Mechanical or 4 Wheel Hydraulic Brakes, IntelliBrake - included in 4 Wheel Hydraulic Brake option, Limited Slip Differential w/ Differential (Scuff) Guard, Comfort Grip Steering Wheel, Cab Enclosures, Bed Dividers, Battery Upgrades, Glove Box Door, Aluminum Flat Bed (Manual Lift): 45" x 47.25", Unique Key Switch, 12 Volt Outlet. 

Hauler® 1200 and PRO

Hauler® 1200 and PRO

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Every inch of this vehicle was designed to help you get more out of every hour on the job.

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